Happy National Dog Day

By August 27, 2014 Kevin 2 Comments

Bess made this collage, with apologies to “Donut”.

Kevin is really the best and worst dog ever!

I love her so much!


  • Patrick Nelson says:

    KEVIN!!!! She is truly the worst dog ever (but I love her). Last night I found a styrofoam container of sweet and sour sauce in my office that she dug out of the trash and brought and laid at the foot of my desk. By only a miracle of the Lord Almighty did she not puncture said container and leave a fresh trail of un-cleansable Chinese sauce all over our house!


    • Sally norton says:

      Every picture in your collage and every story is VERY familiar…unfortunately! We have a 100 lb golden who is fat/fluffy. Couldn’t love her more until I happen upon her next “activity “! They are wonderful-the best! (Our #5!) Thank you for reminding me to celebrate her today- just found a chewed hole in her brand new bed- most certainly bc she is HUNGRY- not!

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