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The Hurricane

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Earlier this month, I experienced my first hurricane. Pat and I were on vacation in Cabo and Hurricane Newton hit our resort as a category 2 with destructive winds and…


Not a Virtuous Woman

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“What do you do for a living?” It’s a conversation starter and one I responded to recently by answering, “I don’t.” I was feeling kind of quippy and less than…


Unabated Laughter

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My husband shared the greatest video clip with me yesterday. In the video, the father, who is a pilot, is taking his four-year-old daughter on a joy ride in his…

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On the Shelf

Latest readings

Crazy Busy

Kevin DeYoung

Crazy Busy was the best book that I read in the summer of 2014.  It is a quick read which cleared my perspective on agenda and ministry.  It reminded me that anytime we talk about what we are busy doing everyday, we are sinning in the area of pride.  We are given freedom from our overloaded schedules when we refocus on all that Christ did for us.

A Bridge to Haven

Francine Rivers

Francine Rivers has the beautiful ability to impress upon my heart a desire to be more like Jesus through the development of her fictional characters. This romantic and fast-paced read was my favorite of her novels since I read “The Mark of the Lion” series over a decade ago.

Chronological Life Application Study Bible 

New Living Translation

This is the Bible I use for my Daily devotions. The life application inserts, charts and footnotes continue to encourage and convict me. Studying the bible in a chronological format has given me new insight and helped this slow to learn lineal thinker.

Daily Light

Samuel Bagster and Anne Lotz

This devotional book is a morning and evening read of just scripture. Bagster and Lotz have compiled passages in scripture that compliment and reinforce each other. I have used this as my devotional for the last 5 years and find that scripture alone is the sharpest tool on my soul.

Tell the Truth

Will Metzger

This challenging book was recommended as a must read for many of  the leaders in my church. It expanded my understanding of evangelism, grace, regeneration, sanctification and conversion. It renewed again my love for Jesus and encouraged my heart to tell the world about his great love.

The Locust Effect

Gary Haugen

This powerful book opened my eyes to the violence that the poor suffer around the world. Gary Haugen shows that if the poor are not safe, their deepest needs are not met. He emphasizes that it is vital their lack of safety is recognized and attended to.